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NEXX: Therapy Neck Device (White)

We live in a technological world and we are always looking down at our phone, sitting at a desk, traveling for work, or even working out and all these can lead to pore posture and eventually lead to neck pain.
The NEXX cervical care device is excellence-driven physiotherapy equipment.

NEXX is the first multifunctional traction device that helps you to relieve neck tension, improves flexibility and ranges of motion. 

Cervical traction works on neck pain and other medical conditions that affect the spine. It relieves stiff, sore neck, improves poor posture, and corrects the forward head-tilt. It is also reported to help lessen the frequency of headaches, insomnia.



Heat Therapy: Combine Traction Along with heating to Help Treat Pinches, Stiffness, Ease Tension, Strains, Increasing blood flow, Relaxing spasms, and Soothing muscles.

Electronic Pulse Massage: Electrotherapy Pulse Massager Helps to Ease Tiredness, Promote Blood Circulation, Enhance Immunity, Improve Sleeping Quality, and Activate Collaterals to Relief Your Body Pain.

External Electrode Pads: Two external electrode massage pads can be applied to many other parts of the body, such as the legs, back, joints, arms, etc.

NEXX simultaneously gives two different degrees of elevation. Optimal pull, also rise pressure release.

Therapy Neck Device Naturally Ease Neck and Back Pain Stiffness, Headaches, and Improve Posture.